Exploring Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico – Our Adventure Begins

Our first adventure together!  Come on a downtown tour of Albuquerque with us.

There is art everywhere in downtown Albuquerque.  I would have to write a book to give the talent it’s fair due.  We have chosen a few of our favorites to share with you.  The statues and murals are quite beautiful and educational.

On our way to downtown, we stopped at the Flyway located on Coors Blvd. (by Robert Wilson, 2011).  This is a sculpture dedicated to the Sand Hill Crane migration. The crane’s home, the Rio Grande Bosque is a hop skip and a jump away from the site. You can see the Sandia mountains in the background as well.  Lori makes a great addition to the sculpture, don’t you think?  She is so excited to show me around.

Next stop, the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. and Copper (Bank of the West, Wealth Management, BNP Paribas Group).  Don’t we look proper?  This really is a wonderful way to start a tour of downtown Albuquerque.  The native mother and father in the background are holding a cradle board carrying a child.  You can imagine the enormity of the sculpture by our miniscule appearance.   Did I mention how proper we are?

Next, The Albuquerque Plaza.  The statues in front of the tallest building in New Mexico, (22 stories) are extremely life-like:  family, workers, skateboarder, professional and more.  These life-like creations (Sidewalk Society by Glenna Goodacre) are from all backgrounds in life. You don’t feel alone when walking among these figures.

And, by the way, that’s my daughter in the picture with us.  She was a willing participant in the fun we had that day.  She was our photographer and pack mule, and, that day, she was lovingly referred to as Sherpa.

El Senador (Cynthia and J. Mark Rowland, 1999), honors former New Mexico Senator Dennis Chavez who was the first American born Hispanic senator.  Senator Chavez’s story is fascinating.

This bronze honors Mayor Harry Kenney (Reynaldo Rivera, 2008) who worked for the arts in downtown Albuquerque during his tenure. While we were checking out this statue, we heard cat calls and whistles.  I don’t think anybody was impressed by the models.  Maybe they were impressed by the hutzpah.

Are you asking yourselves, “What are these 50 something ladies doing?”.  The answer is, having fun.  We are exploring new areas and trying new things.  And we are not letting our inhibitions get the best of us.  (That lasted about an hour with me.  I need to work on it.)  We had fun!!!

Yours Truly,



“It’s amazing how young you can feel when you let it happen."