Navajo Spider Lore

Our spider jewelry is fun, pretty and unique.  But the story behind spiders and Navajo people is interesting.

When I think of spiders, I’m not exactly feeling warm and fuzzy. But the Native American community looks at spiders as protectors and comforters. The legend of Spider woman paints her as a mystical creature whose quest is to protect people, especially children. This is where the dream catcher gets its origins. Though not originally conceived of the Navajo Tribe, the dreamcatcher is a part of everyday life of the Dine (Navajo) people today.

The dreamcatcher is a representation of a spider web. It is placed in the window where the morning sunlight shines. It is there to protect the child, keeping bad dreams out and allowing good ones to slide down the feathers and into the sleeping child below.

Whether you are a mystical person or not, it is always fun to learn about different cultures. 

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