Pins…are IN!

It’s winter! Not officially, but you know what I mean.  I am not a fan. But, here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, winter lasts about six months, so I better decide to be happy with it. It’s a long haul.  Break out the jackets, coats, fur parkas and let me help you spruce them up. Just because you need to cover up doesn’t mean you can’t use jewelry to accessorize.  Remember my theme, “Jewelry is the answer”.

Pins. Yes, pins. They are back in style. Of course, everything turquoise and/or sterling is back in style. I remember pins everywhere in the 70’s. Boy, does that tell you how old I am? Neither of my grandmas would ever leave the house without their pocketbook or a pin on their jacket or dress.  If it was a fancy pin, they called it a brooch. Definition of a brooch, according to Melinda:  Any pin that is big, gaudy, filled with glitter and/or sparkle. The pins we offer are not brooches but they are original.

Once again, Silver Sisters Jewelry has just what you need to put a sparkle in your step. Use these pins to brighten up the dark days of winter:

  • Los Medanos Vintage Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pin
  • Roadrunner Vintage Pin or Pendant
  • Loxa Vintage Mother of Pearl Pin
  • Cuchara Vintage Pin
  • Vista Vintage Turquoise Pin or Necklace

These pins will be beautiful on your jacket, but you can get creative with these just like you can with all our jewelry.  We are all about creative here at Silver Sisters Jewelry.  Try one of them on your hat. Use one as a tie tack. Girls, ties are fun for us too.  How about a trinket to shine up your purse?

Where can you use a pin this winter? Share your thoughts with us at and prove you are our most creative Silver Sister fan.