Wet and Wild

You know those photo shoots on TV where you’re in a studio with a backdrop of beautiful snow and they’ve thrown some glitter on the canvas to make the snow sparkle? Ha! That’s sissy stuff. We accomplished our photo shoot outdoors, in real snow and 9 degree temperatures!  Our “sister-models” were fearless!

Their eyes had to be semi-frozen. I know mine were. It was hard to see what I was shooting with my eyes 9 degrees cold. At one point, a branch gave way and down came a cascade of glistening, wet snow, on our model’s heads. They never broke character, smiling throughout.

Can you imagine doing that for a friend. Those girls are golden – and beautiful!

Silver Sisters are not new to the business world. We both owned businesses that succumbed to the horrors of the recession.  We aren’t new to the jewelry world but we are new to the wonderful world of the web. We hope to create life-long customers and friends in this virtual world by giving you excellent customer service and superb products.

We are not professional photographers or professional marketers.  We are old ranch hands setting out on a new adventure.

Out of the raw honesty of our cover photos, you know we are humble business people offering a product we love and hope you love also.

We hope you will follow us on this adventure. Bring some friends along with you. We are going to have some fun!

Yours Truly,