Horse Shoe Bracelets and Pendants

I’ve always known of the “good luck” myth that goes with horseshoes but now I know……..the rest of the story.

A myth from 10th century England –  Unknown to him, Saint Dunstan (then a blacksmith) was approached by the devil who asked him to shoe his horse. Without looking up, Dunstan knew it was the devil. Instead of shoeing the horse, he put the fire, hot shoe on the devil. Crying in pain, the devil begged Dunstan to take the shoe off. Dunstan agreed after making the devil promise not to prey on any household that has a horseshoe hanging on the door. To this day, people hang horseshoes on their doors to bring good luck to anyone who enters their home.

Why stop with the door? Let’s wear our horseshoes. 2020 has been such a nightmare, I think a lucky horseshoe collection is the way to bring in 2021.

All the pieces in this collection are handcrafted with sterling silver in the heart of Navajo Land by Navajo artisans.

Make your own good luck!  Wear a Silver Sisters Jewelry horseshoe to remind you that YOU are driving your own luck.



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2 products