The Royal Beauty Turquoise Necklace (30")

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* Kingman Turquoise Beads

*Traditionally Stamped Bead Caps

*Hand Made Sterling Silver Beads

*Spiny Oyster Shell Bead Highlights

It took three artisans to complete this beautifully crafted necklace. The corrugated and melon beads are hand made by the Becenti family, who specialize in special shaped, hand-made, sterling silver beads. The stamped silver caps were designed by silversmith, Felix Joe. Using Royal Beauty (Kingman) turquoise and spiny oyster shell beads (red, orange and purple), artisan, Theresa Belone completed the design with extraordinary care, balancing the beads, shell and turquoise. (The three inches of beads that finish the necklace on either side of the top are machine made beads.)  Teamwork is the key to this beautiful piece of art.

Artist:  Various

Weight:    3.18 troy ounces

Dimensions:   30”