About Us

The Simple Truth About Us

We were raised in southern Colorado, the daughters of ranchers.  We grew up building fence, driving cattle on horseback, milking cows, gardening, and learning to drive when our feet reached the pedals.  Yes, we can both drive standards, and we can drive or pull anything from a semi to a horse trailer. Our fathers were brothers. That relationship runs deep in our friendship and our lifestyles. We are faithful women with an amazing, albeit ornery sense of humor. So, the truth comes out, we are not sisters. We are cousins. But sometimes, family is more the relationship than the blood line. The question is, what do we know about jewelry? I have worked in the Native American jewelry industry for eighteen years and my cousin-sister has been wearing the good stuff longer.  We love the people  who make the jewelry and we both love jewelry. Allow us to introduce you to the world of Native American jewelry that is made in the heart of the Navajo Nation in Gallup, New Mexico, and tell you the stories of life in this land.  We hope you learn to love these native people and the JEWELRY they create. All of the pieces are hand-picked, by us, just for you.