The Lagoon Pendant

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Wow! I like to look at a stone and let it tell me a story. This silver and turquoise Navajo pendant has a large stone with a big story. This blue Kingman turquoise stone looks like a blue lagoon. The colors in the stone make it look as if the water is shallow in one spot and deep in another while the matrix looks like reefs hovering close to the surface of the water. Sometimes, it is easier to explain the beauty of a piece of jewelry with an analogy. However, this pendant will speak for itself when you wear it.

The bail on this pendant will fit up to an eight-millimeter bead.

Ms. Smith uses her expertise in file and chisel work to fit two layers of triangle wire together with cuts that compliment each other. She has stamped the piece with her hallmark and with a “Sterling” certification.

Artist/Tribe: Phyllis Smith, Navajo

Weight:    .8 Troy ounce

Dimensions:   2 ½” x 1 ½”

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