The Nacimiento Navajo Pearl Earrings

The Nacimiento Navajo Pearl Earrings

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The Nina, Navajo Pearl Earring is a great design in Navajo Pearl Earrings. They are four millimeters to ten-millimeter beads graduated from small to large. These are a perfect match with our graduated Navajo Pearl Necklace shown below.  They are finished with sterling silver French wires and rubber stoppers designed to prevent loss of an earring.

The beads in these earrings are machine made but are oxidized, finished and strung by Native American artisans. Ms. Belone finishes her work professionally with sterling silver crimp covers and three-millimeter beads. Her expertise is one of the benefits of shopping with Silver Sisters Jewelry.

Artist/Tribe: Theresa Belone, Navajo

Weight:    .13 Troy ounce

Dimensions:   2” Length, 4-10 MM Beds


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