The La Joya Turquoise Cluster Pendant 

The La Joya Pendant 

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This stunning piece is made with six turquoise stones surrounding a large stone that is the focal point of this sterling silver and turquoise flower pendant. A very traditional design, the stones are cut naturally and not shaped into perfectly round or oval shapes. Artist, Willie Haley added large silver drops between each petal.

The negative space between the stones is oxidized to create a contrast of dark and shine. The bail on this pendant will fit up to a eight-millimeter bead.

Mr. Haley stamped his hallmark and a sterling certification into the back of this pendant.

You can’t go wrong with something so beautifully made and so traditional. This will be amazing with almost any outfit.

Artist/Tribe:  Willie Haley, Navajo

Weight:   .90 Troy ounce

Dimensions:  2” Long, 1 ¾” Wide

Fits on the 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm Navajo Pearls

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